About Me


Who I am

A lifelong writer, I've worked in media, niche publishing, and as a freelancer. Since 2007 I've used my storytelling talents to develop resumes that do a lot more than list jobs - they weave a professional history that generates interest. 

My creative talents, combined with well-honed interviewing and collaboration skills, help ensure that the resume we create will support your career goals.


What I offer

Unlike many bigger companies, I work directly with every client to create customized, high-impact resumes tailored to your strengths and goals. As your partner I'll help to pull out the experiences and accomplishments that will make employers want to call.


Let's Talk!

My first and last goal is your satisfaction. I'm happy to set up a consult where we can go over your employment history, your target positions, and any situations or challenges that may affect your resume. I can also provide a sample to give you an idea of what we can do together.